Those of us who were not fortunate enough to have owned or driven a Ferrari in the early 1960's are put at a significant disadvantage. We will never be able to truly understand the experience of owning a new 250 GTE 2+2; that is, without the knowledge of power steering, paddle shifting and ABS brakes coloring our driving experience.

Although we cannot turn back the clock, we do have a wealth of experience available to us through the automotive magazines of yesterday. Their reviewers do a great job of describing the excitement of driving the highest level of technology available in their time. Their words have remained unchanged over the years and therefore give us a chance to peek back to an earlier era.

On this web site, I have included a variety of magazine articles relating to the Ferrari 250 Pininfarina Coupe 2+2. Some are full road tests; others are ads, while others have overviews of the entire sports car market. I have made short descriptions of the articles that I can read (my non-english speaking skills are very limited). Clicking on the magazine's cover will allow you to read the article yourself. Any help on obtaining other publications, be they in English or otherwise, would be very welcome!

I publish these articles as a service to those readers interested in the GTE and those magazines that write about them. If you like a particular article, be sure to check the subscriptions page to get information on how to subscribe to that particular magazine (if it is still in print). In order to protect the rights of the automotive publishing world, I will not reproduce any commercial article that has been printed in the last three years, without the permission of the publisher or author. The description and magazine information will be listed, but if you are interested in reading the article, please contact the publisher through the subscriptions page.

David Wheeler has been a great help in connecting with GTE owners and finding information on their cars.  David writes the Ferrari 250 GTE Newsletter, a quarterly full color magazine that discusses all things GTE.  Stories from fellow owners, maintenance tips, car gatherings and visits with cars all over the world are contained within its pages.  Subscribing to the magazine is the fastest way to get involved with the GTE community and can be done easily by contacting him at

Along with your annual subscription, you will get access to our Members page, which contains older issues of the Newsletter, going all the way back to the early 1980's and also to the GTE Register, which delves into the history of each of the 954 GTEs built and the 50 330 America's as well.  Not only will you receive a wealth of information about our favorite car, but you will be participating in the developing the history of the Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 for future owners.To sign up, email David and to add information to the GTE Register, contact me at  

Thanks for your devotion to our hobby. I hope to hear from you sometime.
tions for each type of car, from Vintage to the latest to hit the showrooms. This is a very passionate community that love nothing better than trying to identify the serial number of a Ferrari from a grainy black and white photo scanned from some old newspaper. This is a great opportunity to have your Ferrari questions answered by todays best historians, some of the people who made Ferrari history and some who are making it today. Check it out.