The following five sets of hand stamped numbers are used to determine a "matching numbers" car. These numbers are used to determine the authenticity of a GTE, by matching them with the numbers on the cars build sheet.       

  • Serial Number  

    • This is stamped on an aluminum tag posted in the engine compartment on the right side of the firewall.   

    • Stamped on a flat part of the chassis near the steering box in the engine compartment. Says "Ferrari 250 GT/E", then the Serial Number (which should match the ID tag) with a star before and after the number. On later models the IGM (Inspectorate of Motor Vehicles) number will appear below the chassis number.  This number starts with IGM, then four numbers, then OM (approved).
    • Located on a flat horizontal surface on the drivers side of the gearbox, this is the only number that cannot be seen without disassembling the car. If it is clean, it might be read using a small mirror raised from underneath the car (if the skid plate is off). The top number is the number of the gearbox(sequential from the beginning of the year) and on later models, the year of manufacture.   

    • This is stamped on the Engine Block, right side, near the firewall. The Serial Number is on top and below is the block Number (Numero Interno) and on later models, the year of manufacture and engine type (E).   

    •  The numbers stamped on the rear of the rear axle housing are: (right) the gear ratio of the axle and (left)the axle number (sequential from the start of the year).  Later models include the year of manufacture.  
    •  Though not on the Ferrari Build Sheets, Pininfarina stamped and wrote in chalk their own numbers, which have minimal relation to the Ferrari Numbers.  The body numbers were five digits, but only the last three were usually stamped on the car.  These numbers can be found written on the back of most of the leather pieces and stamped throughout the car.  They can be found on the inner wheel-well panels, bottom of the trunk, underside of the trunk lid and back of the dash, the easiest places to spot are on the hood bracket that holds the latch and on the inside of the door, behind the leather, below the window. 
Hood Latch.JPG