Below are notes and articles relating to various maintenance items on early Ferrari's. I have not tried all of them and cannot vouch for their accuracy. Please use at your own risk.


Body Dimensions
Cutaway Drawing of a Floor Pan
Diagram of Frame
Paint Names and Codes

Exploded Diagram of Brakes & Hub
Another Exploded Diagram of Brakes and Hub
Safety Check for Brakes
Brake Maintenance Checklist
Brake Servicing Instructions
Brake Maintenance Instructions
A Narrative on Brake Servicing
A Creative Way to Get Brake Pedal Boots
Brake Servo Cutaway Drawing

Dyke Ridgley's Carburetor Adjustment Articles
Dyke Ridgley's DFI Carburetor Adjustment Article
Dyke Ridgley's DCN Carburetor Adjustment Article
Exploded Diagram of a Carburetor

Cooling System
Exploded Diagram of the Cooling System
Information on the Cooling System
Cooling System Specs

Exploded Diagram of a Distributor
Another Exploded Diagram of a Distributor
Distributor Information
Distributor Maintenance
Distributor Timing

Exploded Diagram of the Fan
Electrical Schematic Drawing
Wire Listing for a 330 America
Electrical Specs
Listing of Fuse Box Wiring
Notes on the Windshield Wiper
Windshield Wiper Specs

Drawing of Belt Placement and Timing Marks
Engine Bolt Torque Specs
Exploded Diagram of Engine Valves
Discussion on the Hardness of Valve Screws
Exploded Diagram of an Engine Block
Instructions on Installing a Camshaft
Exploded Diagram of a Crankshaft
Crankshaft Specs
Instructions on Replacing Head Gaskets
Instructions on Leakdown Tests
Exploded Diagram of a Piston
Instructions on Piston Ring Installation

Thrust Ring Specs
Engine Bolt Torque Specs

Exploded Diagram of the Exhaust System

Exploded Diagram of the Gas Tank

Spark Plug Heat Specs
Diagram of a Coil
Timing Chain Diagram
Ignition Diagram
Ignition Information
Instructions on Checking Ignition Timing

Gearbox and Clutch
Exploded Diagram of the Gearbox Casing
Exploded Diagram of the Gearbox
Gearbox Part Numbers
Cutaway Diagram of a Gearbox
Exploded Diagram of the Clutch Pedal
Exploded Diagram of a Clutch
Instructions on removing the Gearbox & Clutch
Clutch Specifications<
Instructions for Repairing the Shift Lever
Overdrive Manualfor Austin Healey, same as GTE?

Information on Lubrication
Tips on Checking Oil
Overview of the Oil System

Parker Hall on Decals & Stickers
Notes of 4959 by David Palmeter

Rear Axle, Differential & Bearings
Exploded Diagram of the Differential
Cutaway Diagram of the Differential
Exploded Diagram of the Rear Axle
How to Calculate Differential Gear Ratios Replacing the Bearings on a 365 GTC

Starter Motor
Diagram of a Starter Motor
Instructions on Starter Motor Maintenance

Exploded Diagram of Steering System
Exploded Diagram of Steering Box and Arms

Instructions on Aligning the Front Wheels
Alignment Specs
Shock Absorber Specs
Instructions on Replacing Rear Springs
Exploded Diagram of the Front Suspension
Another exploded Diagram of the Front Suspension
Rules of Thumb for Tightening Suspension Bolts
Diagram of Rear Suspension
Bushing Specs

SEFAC warning regarding Pirelli 185/14 Cinturatos HS.
Tires by the numbers from Prancing Horse.

1963 article on tuning your Ferrari.
Carburetor Adjustment Instructions
Valve Adjustment Instructions