An Introduction

Hearing and telling the stories of our cars is a major part of this hobby. Through these blogs I hope to provide a place where we can do just that. Tell the story of your restoration, of work you do on cars or how you use and enjoy your car. If you want to tell it, I want to hear it!

Tom's Restoration Blog will chronicle the restoration of my car, Ferrari 250 GTE SN 4247. This will be my first attempt at the restoration of a car, so I will have a lot to learn. I would appreciate if you would not only follow my adventures, but chime in when you think you can be of help. The whole purpose of doing this on the web is to have others people work with me on my car.

Do you have a story to tell? Email me and I will help you set up a blog that you can link to this page. I am told it is not easy, as you may evenutally have readers who actually expect you to post on a regular basis. However, I look at that as a challange and incentive to keep working. Why don't you join me?

Tom Wilson