Communicating with other people about our cars is half the fun of the hobby and the internet has made this an everyday possibility. As two sites, and FerrariChat already do this very well,I see no reason to reinvent the wheel here. So, if you haven't already, sign up at both and let us know what you are thinking about. (pronounced "Tom Young") is THE spot for Vintage Ferrari Gearheads. If you've got a 60's era V12 Ferrari and skinned knuckles (or plan to someday) then this is the place for you. There is a great community associated with this site that loves nothing better than to help another mechanic to get his car back on the road. No topic is too minute (witness the Fiamm Horn thread) or too big (we followed Tom Yang for seven years as he reassembled his GTE) for this gang. I look forward to talking to you there. is the place to talk about all things Ferrari and a lot of other stuff. It has different sections for each type of car, from Vintage to the latest to hit the showrooms. This is a very passionate community that love nothing better than trying to identify the serial number of a Ferrari from a grainy black and white photo scanned from some old newspaper. This is a great opportunity to have your Ferrari questions answered by todays best historians, some of the people who made Ferrari history and some who are making it today. Check it out.